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Friday, April 22, 2011

A Long Night Already

All right I'm still up, going on my 3rd hour feeling like I'm going to puke only I can't. Welcome to my NIGHTMARE: The Nausea ZONE! Oh I can't forget the multiple bouts of sweats, how freaking miserable these babies are! I'm on my 3rd shirt of the night here and I haven't even thought about laying down yet. That will be an adventure...trying to sleep, eh? It always is.

Well I had my first real problem with my cell phone and cell phone company: SPRINT. Now I have an EPIC 4G PDA and it has been awesome. It's perfect for me because I have no other phone and I can access all the writing and stuff I do online. I make a ton of calls from my car so the Bluetooth is essential.

So I head out on this critical trip and the Bluetooth is on the fritz. Then for the first time in years of using Sprint Phones in my area, the address book jams up, it starts dropping calls and it generally has become totally undependable overnight.

So I did the usual resetting process where you pop the battery out and let it all sit for awhile put the Bat back in and...NOTHING, no change. So I call a tech, night before last and he does a bunch stuff but there is no real way to tell if my cell is really fixed or not because nothing is totally broken. Bluetooth works part of the time so I say Goodbye and sure enough, the next day I'm having the very same issues, ACH.

Spoke to them/SPRINT today and again I had to go through the Whole automated phone process again, that experience my friends is enough to turn a quaker Homicidal!

Anyhow once I got a hold of a tech from SPRINT again they got the proper info and are sending out a replacement. I'm bummed because I was hoping it was an easy fix but it isn't so they will just replace it, probably with a re-condition din. I haven't a clue how to set up one of these phones so that creates some stress but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

So how exciting is That, eh folks! I'm really struggling at night to get some rest but it feels like a red hot poker is being stuck right in my belly. Well I'm almost there to the surgery date and it really seems like there is a fantastic chance of getting things done and taken care of it.

Man the punchiness is setting in so I'm turning in....


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