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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Sunday at the Masters...I really love watching the last round of the Masters Tournament on Sunday afternoon. There is just something really compelling about these guys trying to walk the tight rope between playing their game and disaster. Disaster often strikes at the Masters on Sunday.

Ask Greg Norman who blew 6 shot lead that day to lose to Nick Faldo. He lost by a stroke in 1986 to Jack Nicklaus after having a chance to tie with a par or win out right with a birdie. Instead he hit a poor second shot into the gallery and bogied the hole.

Many other golfers have suffered a similar fate at Augusta National where the tournament is played. I like the history and the drama, they go together here like in not other sporting event.

So After church I have a bit of packing to do then it's enjoy the weather (80 degrees is the forecast today) then keep an eye on the Masters later on...The KEYWORD today is relax.


  1. i got my red boxer-briefs on - a la Tiger Woods when he was relevant wearing his Sunday red shirt

  2. He is 7 shots's Sunday at The Masters, he is still in it. I watched quite a bit of his round Friday and he looked fierce. If he find that game again, well Rory better not drop any shots.

    But more realistically the Kind from Ireland looks good. He has a four shot lead but that can evaporate quickly on Sunday. Should be fun to watch.