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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Seether is a post Grunge, I would call them Hard Rock and not Metal Band that I started listening too the last year that I drank and drugged. These were the Cocaine years, very intense times and the music I listened to at the time was intense as well. Lyrically as well as musically. I could just identify with the pain I heard in these lyrics...

Once I got sober I discovered that I still liked a lot of this music. I was surprised because those really were dark times and I expected to be turned off by anything that reminded me of that this case I was wrong.

Just thought I'd share a song, called Broken by them...this is an acoustic version of the song I happen to like even more then the original. Thanks Spockgirl for reminding me of this cool tune...


  1. You're welcome. This is just one of those songs that doesn't go away. Kinda makes me wonder if I was broken when I was younger or if I'm broken now. Maybe just slightly damaged.

  2. This is almost like a musical psalm in some way. I think it can truly depict a relationship with God.

    I know it is strange - but if you just listen to the lyrics - you may hear what I hear.

  3. Shelby- Not strange at all, I certainly can hear that. And in hindsight, that may have something to do with why I was drawn to that song as well as others.

    Regardless of how I got to that place in my life, I was screaming out for help inside: Forgiveness, Understanding, Hope...I had been living this horrible LIE yet in that last year, all the pretending, the faking was gone. I was an open JUNKIE, I didn't care. I had no job, no friends (except K-Sue who was just as sick as I was), no hope, no future...I just pushed the limit every day.

    Ultimately GOD prevailed...

    I think your insight on this is spot-on, I had never, ever considered that possibility but looking back, well it's obvious to me now...