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Friday, April 8, 2011

Big ED Saved My Bacon!

Big Ed is the guy I rely on when I start to believe that I actually have skills working on a computer that i don't in fact actually posses. When I turn the inside of my laptop into scrambled eggs (What's with all the breakfast food analogies, hmm..I think I'm hungry!)Ed rides in out of the Sunrise and saves the day.

And today was no different. the shop opens at 9a but not really, that's just what the sign says. It opens whenever Ed happens to get that was about 9:25a. Anyhow, I was happy to see him because it's Spring Break time here in S Michigan and I had this rogue thought that he might be in Florida or something. Nope, he was here...

I followed him in the door like an eager little beaver (I'm sure he just loves when people do that!)and told him the whole sob story...what I did, what happened, how I was going to Mayo, blah, Blah, Blah.

I love this about Ed: As I get done and ask him if he thinks he can help me and fix it and he goes"Of Course, that's what I do". I just love it...Dudes a gunslinger with a computer!

Anyway he fixes it and when I ask him what I owe him he smiles and tells me to save it for my trip and have a nice day. Which was really cool...I was prepared to pay because I always do and I know a lot of folks stiff him on the bill. Because of that I've always made a point of paying him and paying him well. Well it pays off to be nice and honest, right! Thanks Ed! Your the best!

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