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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Edgy, Obsessive..and Craving Toast!

It's late and I feel kind of edgy, perhaps unsettled is a more accurate way to describe it. I have nights, like tonight where I almost would rather not risk sleep. Thats right...risk sleep. Sleep isn't my friend had he/she has not been kind, thats for sure.

On the other hand maybe I should stop obsessing and just shut it down and try to sleep. Ultimately that will be the choice I end up making. Stay tuned, later we will discover if I had success.

I just had a really strange experience. I'm sitting at my desk, it's late and nobody is here but me. And I smell toast in the toaster! Honestly the aroma of toast being toasted then the combined smell of melted butter and peanut butter....mmm.

Well I just scouted out the kitchen and there wasn't anyone there and no toast being made..the toaster was cool to the touch. It's a huge No No for me and my stomach but I'm really craving peanut butter toast . What makes it even harder to resist this amazing urge is I'm starving!

Now the question is whether I can actually resist the temptation for P-Toast. Tune in next time to check on the great late night toast caper...

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