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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's Surgery Folk's...Not a Burial!

At least twice today (so far) I have had people refer to me either in past tense (Thom, you always WERE a great friend...)or talk about me like I'm just about GONE (We've really appreciated your help, we're gonna miss you).

Hey folks, this may be a revelation to some: I'm not dead yet nor do I plan o being dead any time in the near future.OK, I'm glad we cleared that up!Someone could get the wrong idea!

Seriously, it's been a day of serious goodbyes... every time I see a friend or neighbor I won't see until after the surgery tomorrow there is kind of this heaviness to saying "see ya later". The guy that runs the golf course gave me a serious "Hang in there Brother, see 'ya on the other side" yesterday when I saw him last.

I have to chuckle but at the same time I gotta say "Can we please lighten this whole thing up a bit, huh?!". I know it's a serious surgery, any time they work on one of those important organs or another critical part of your body (like you STOMACH, for instance)it is a big deal. i get that but once the show starts it's all out of my hands anyway. I just think it's important to stay focused and positive about the whole thing.

And for the most part, I am. And I love these folks, my friends in a big way. I think that may be another thing that is unusual...I never really had a lot of friends, today that is totally different. It's funny how people react to you when you pay attention and listen to them instead of arrogantly blow them off. They WANT to be your friend.

So today I have many more friends that care about me, it almost overwhelms me. I've talked on this blog about prayer and meditation and the comfort plus serenity that brings me...and it's really a powerful thing. I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, I really don't. But whatever does happen, well I know I'm OK with it. I'll deal with it and I feel good about my life. Thats a big deal to me...

So hey, please don't bury me yet, like I said I don't know what will happen but I have a sneaking suspicion it isn't my time to "Push Daisies" just yet.

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  1. btw - have you ever watched the show "Pushing Daisies" - I liked it. ;)

    I don't really have anything to post...except that I will miss reading your many posts tomorrow so jump back as fast as you possibly can brother and I will be here!