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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I am almost back to feeling human least my version of human. I'm not so sure that's something to really be that stoked about...but anyway, I'm here posting again. For me...that's a VICTORY over my fears and imaginary MONSTERS that haunt my dreams by day...And I would think I will be back to running at the, keyboard as I usually do instead of the wee, little snippets I've been offering readers lately. Oh joy, you say, how wonderful...ACH.

Your sarcastic thoughts are pummeling me through the air waves and it is almost more then I can stand....Ah, not really. I happen to like sarcasm and I kind of miss laughter because I really have not found much in humor in life lately and that has to change, I know better. If all I do is let myself focus on the practical, the required and the serious...I start to become unhinged...out of balance and basically I start to act crazy. I'm much better off starting from a wacky place, the norm being slightly out of kilter and working my way back to what most people consider "the norm".

Does this make any sense to you? Probably not but thats OK because who asked you?! Oh thats right, I BAD I'd apologize but I'm taking the day off from saying I'm sorry, I'm pretending to be like my ex-wives for a, Yikes! But it is my life so if you do or do not understand really isn't that relevant now is it? Nope, it's not...

So off I go basically turning everything upside down because I am rather sick and tired of...feeling sick and tired. So what do I do? Good question...I rage and that is exactly what I am doing now. It isn't pretty when I swallow the Orneriness Bug but hey, we only live is short so sometimes we have to take a stab at recklessness, throwing a dart at the happiness chart and hoping for BINGO.

Typically, in that particular game I've gotten accustomed to Crapping, er tonight I am wasting a precious post, one of only a limited number that I have left in my life, exclusively to CLOWNING AROUND. I Hope that you may have enjoyed this half as much as I have...I'm BACK, we'll see y'all again on Thursday, Good Night!

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  1. Nothing like a good rage to get you back on track. Sometimes nothing else will do. ;)