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Friday, April 8, 2011

On The Fritz? It's OK

The other day I mentioned my morning routine and this morning it's all out of whack because my laptop is on the I'm improvising. Actually this set up on the desk top is probably more comfortable and ergonomic as I sit and write but hey, I miss my Grandfather's Desk!

So the "FREE" morning I was looking forward to just changed as I have to visit the Computer DOC ASAP to see if he can fix the problem...I hope so. Funding isn't available for a laptop right now..not with all this travel expense, etc! We'll see, he has worked his magic before so I'm hopeful..

I typically try not to focus too much on the weather here at SSS but with temps expected in the upper 60's and possible a high in the upper 70's on Sunday (though rain is forecast as well) I have to mention it. I really need to get outside to walk more. I can do it...I just can't get too far away from a bathroom is you get my drift. I despise being ill, it can be de-humanizing at times....

I sure am happy to be alive though, really happy about that. Surely that is one difference in my outlook/attitude that I notice the most since I have sobered up and try to focus on the positive side of my situation. I am just grateful for what I actually do have...not what I've lost or want or think I need. I do not always feel this way...regular readers know I have low moments just like anyone else. It's just that they don't last very's a waste of time and energy.

Still there are times where I'd rather wallow in my misery but fortunately I don't stay in that place very long.

So another day begins...

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