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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baby D's BIG DAY!!

I have been writing here on Shell Shock for over a year now. One of my fellow Bloggers and big supporter has been Ryan Darcy who writes WAXED RED THREADS and Digital Darcy Photography. Both are blogs I follow and highly recommend.

Well Ryan and his lovely (I've never met her but Ryan constantly refers to her as lovely, beautiful, etc in his posts...So I'll take his word for it!)Lindsay have had for their first child a little after 6a this morning, April 16! (I'm strutting a bit because I actually was one of 2 peeps that picked today as the big day...and I did it 10 days ago not a couple days ago like #2 did!).

Anyway, I wanted to say Congratulations and very BEST wishes to the happy couple on the birth of their son, Nolan Oliver Darcy...Welcome to the World Nolan, many blessings for a long and happy life young man!!

Ryan has posted some Pics on both of the web sites I linked to above if you'd like to see the little SLUGGER for yourself. His pop (Ryan) is a former college baseball player (And I believe played a little Minor League ball too) and a coach now for Manhattan College in the Bronx NY.


  1. Thanks for the shout out man. You said he'd be a weekend baby. Unreal.

    Everyone is doing well over here. Weather is getting better too. Nolan will be outside before we know it

  2. Thanks for a great bit of news. I'll pass it along. (With proper attribution, of course.)

  3. It was my pleasure! What an awesome experience, I bet your floating dude (well if you aren't exhausted, passed out in a chair at the hospital, lol!). Yep you'll be tossing the ball o him in no time. Just ask my son Ian about playing catch w/Dad, we still do it every time we're together!