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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


OK, I can't figure this out. I am basically retired as far as a career goes because of my disability. And I always have been a guy that was reasonably organized from a time stand-point, always showed up for work and to to every appointment (I'm typically early). I am basically pretty together when it came to doing stuff and getting it done when it should be. So why don't I ever have enough time to do the stuff I want to do? Technically all I have is free time?!

I want to post regularly here on Shell shock but lately it seems that often I have to squeeze a post in between obligations (just like I'm doing now!). And even though I like to post "on the fly" as it were, this rushing to get it done has negatively impacted the content in my opinion.

Plus I get frustrated because it isn't working out the way I'd like it to. I know, I is truly a good problem to have. It means that I am involved in things, i have stuff I want to do and I happen to have a social life. A reader may chuckle at that and thing "well of course you do, doesn't everyone?!" Uh, they don't and neither did I before I got sober. I never left the house unless I really had too in that last 6 months of my active alcoholism/addiction. Usually to load up on booze, score coke...that kind of stuff but typically I preferred to be alone or with K-Sue and occasionally my friends Jim/Rhonda who lived just across the river from me, a 5 minute (very drunken) drive. But that was the extent of my social life...

So I marvel at the life I have today. Last night i attended the Branch County Stewardship Dinner for the Forgotten Man Ministries. A worthy group who ministers to those people who are incarcerated in our local jail. It's a good program with really good folks who have done some awesome work. It's something I support and it was nice to attend the dinner and listen to the updates and the testimony of a young woman who has got her life together with the help of Forgotten Man.

I was sitting at a table right up from in a hall with 450 other attendees. I was with a buddy, his friend and his wife. The head of Public Safety (essentially the Chief of Police) and his wife were at the table. We were surrounded by all the local judges, Law Enforcement Leaders, the Prosecutor for Branch County, etc. I had to laugh about being there. Funny I felt totally comfortable!

So here I am the recovering drug addict sitting and having a nice conversation with the head of the Cop Shop, it turns out he and his wife attend my church!

So Now I've run out of time so I will pick up this train of thought later....

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