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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Keeping The Vultures Away...

Another day has dawned...sort of. It is another day though there hardly seems to be any "dawn", it's rather grey, wet and gloomy outside. I don't feel that way myself though, I wouldn't go so far as to say I feel all sunny, warm and fuzzy inside (that is a very RARE occasion for ME, indeed!) but simply cheerful, fairly positive would be an accurate description.

I find it interesting that when I know I am going to be facing some major event in my life whether it was getting Married, a significant job change or having major surgery, I feel almost unnaturally unaffected by the thought of it...almost numb.

Perhaps that is a defense mechanism of mine but I've sensed that feeling before and I'm experiencing it now. I suppose there is nothing wrong with feeling this way, it comes to me quite naturally so why resist it. I'm not in a state of denial, I just find it odd. I've noticed this kind of trend in me at other times of crisis as well. When things have really been bad, everything just slows down. I've always handled the BIG stuff pretty well. It was the little everyday things in life that I handled poorly!

But I feel pretty locked in to what's going on with my health and the surgery tomorrow. Typical of me I have everything ready already: Cat litter changed and food purchased and set up for a couple of weeks. I'm up to date on all my bills because Sheesh, you don't wanna die and have those freaking VULTURES breathing down my loved ones necks for $$. I have done my weekly chores around here and laundry is caught up so I am truly ready.

I just have one more day to wait. I'll check back later. The posts I've written the last couple of days have really provoked some interesting thoughts so I suspect there may be more stuff coming along those lines...

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  1. :) You are way more prepared than I ever am. I wish I had your preparedness for such upcoming things. You will do just fine and I think the way you cope is natural I think...