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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Less Then Enthused

Feeling a little weird, having trouble getting myself settled down to sleep. I need to get up around 2:30a or so and the clocks ticking. Si why am I sitting here stimulating my brain by posting? Good question...

It was really hot today though quite windy so it was a nice combination. I was bummed that Tiger Woods couldn't come all the way back though he played really well this week. 10 under and 4th place ain't bad at The Masters. He missed a 4.5 foot Eagle on 15 then an very makable Bird on 16 that did him in. Those 2 strokes he dropped there wouldn't have been enough because he lost by 3 but I believe if he nailed those 2 puts he would have made the longer bird on 18 as well. Momentum would have taken over...

OK, I need to bag it. Sorry for these less then interesting posts lately...I haven't been on my game. Perhaps I'll be better when I get this trip over with. I'm NOT looking forward to this one at all. Lots of driving and a lot of waiting in Doctors offices...whoopee!

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