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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pizza Obsession:The Skiles Tavern Lament

Skiles Tavern
I admit it, I'm totally obsessing over food right now. If you were in my, had my stomach situation right now, wouldn't you!? I can't freaking eat a slice of bread right now without suffering pain. Drinking too much water expands my gut and I suffer...get the picture? So Brother, I'm ready to eat! And I'd probably eat just about anything but what I really want is SKILES Pizza, from Holland MI. Even though they don't actually have this crave an "Endless Pizza PIE" where they keep bringing them until you explode in a shower of cheese, sauce and other delectable ingredients!. It could be a "Skillies" Special (Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, green olives, onions) or better yet, my favorite of late: a Sausage with double cheese served with a bottomless Root beer...Oh my, I'm going to obsess on that thought for a long while!

thormoo at Skiles Tavern
So I'll take the Skiles pizza or I suppose I'd "settle" for some Chinese grub over at China Inn on Holland's north side...Pork Egg Fu Young, Won Ton Soup and an Egg Roll and a Vanilla Shake from Culvers. All those places are in my old home town of Holland. I've always been rather surprised at the wide variety of killer places to eat that Holland has. I think a lot of it has to do with it's cultural makes: large populations of Mexican and Vietnamese/Laotian immigrants along with it's original Dutch heritage makes for a dynamic mix of ethnic eateries.

Holland is also a large tourist destination with the Tulip Time Festival in May and then it's proximity to Lake Michigan brings in huge crowds in the Summer. I really miss living there some times but I also like my current locale in the Coldwater area as well...

Those two joints (Skiles and China Inn) are my current "food obsession" at least for the day. That just happens to be what I'm Jonesing for at the moment but honestly, my mood changes all the time. This is what happens when you are denied the things you want (like FOOD!), it makes you crazy and that is exactly what has happened to me.

There is one major bummer about all this, though.It is true that the surgery will take care of the Acid Reflux and I will be able to eat anything I like. I don't have Ulcers so my stomach is fine, so I'll be good to go, to eat anything and everything...WHEN I am healed up. Thats the RUB, WHEN I'm healed!

So I will be able to eat Skiles Pizza or China Inn in a freaking MONTH! Oh get it, life is a cruel joke....and whats even more ironic is that I will be on the dreaded LIQUID DIET for up to 4 weeks. Jeez, I'll be dead first! But there is a silver lining there. Remember that Beach ball Belly I have been whining about?! It should reduce in size a bit after 4 weeks of water and gruel. So to get to the promised land AKA know as eating Skiles Pizza and awesome China Inn Chinese Cuisine I have to go on the 4 week Alcatraz Prison Diet of Water and Gruel before I'm allowed to have the good stuff.

Alright, my food fantasy post is coming to a close but for a moment I'll share with you how much having these medical

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