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Thursday, April 14, 2011


I just don't like-
to watch people die.
They kid themselves, lie to the mirror and pretend all is well.
Like shattered glass inside themselves
they're broken and never again
can they be whole.

And they know not, what they do Oh GOD.
The crucifixion
of their soul, aside and
outside for all to witness-
but no one will testify
to what they've just seen.

It's a temperamental suicide,
inside where no one can see
but if you listen closely,
a whisper shouts a song of death
and it departs from station 6...
to never return alive.

I won't hold on to death, my dear.
Not one second longer for
I have been here before and
I don't care for it much.

My soul is no longer for sale
but yours seems available
at a discounted rate for venom.
Oh, you know what I mean and
it ain't cheap because ultimately it's YOU,
and YOU alone that pays THAT bill, my sweet.

So pay and pay and tread the path
that never ends-a loop to loop through Hell.
Weep and whine, my lady friend
for the FEAR you fear never sleeps.
A tear drop glistens, the eye that fails
to see no more of the night-
I can't pretend to discipline,
the foe that befriends the
HATE you've always known.

It was a frown that lingered
A broken hearted romance fingered
and the culprit? She died today!
I know, I know-Who's to say?!

An eternity forgotten before it's birth
A stone faced liar returns to EARTH
And hears the last song
he'll ever hear. It was
a funeral for a Friend.

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