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Thursday, April 7, 2011

North Woods

I am sitting in Noth Woods...not THE Northwoods. But North Woods Coffee Shop in Downtown Coldwater waiting for a friend. Sorry you readers wouldn't know this but I had to pause because I was laughing...why? Good question..I'm waiting for the pastor of my church, I just reffered to him as my friend and let's face it, a year ago such a notion WAS Well it's an accepted fact that brings a smill to my face.

I had a doctors appointment at 9a...that went well. We are going ahead and scheduling the surgery for the stomach/esophagus for week after next if possible. I'm looking forward to the relief that might bring though I'm not excited about having surgery at all but isn't gonna fix itself!

So that's good news..I'm pretty much ready for Mayo again. So another road trip...I really would likeb to try and swing a golf club but that might not be too smart..we'll see.

So it has been a good start to my day....more later!

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