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Friday, April 15, 2011


Well hello there blog world...I'm going to try and post a basic, chatty, informative...Oh whats the use!? My mind and (multiple) personality(s) simply won't allow that. I have to have room to riff, as it were.

The last few posts here on Shell Shock have, I will admit...pushed the limits of reasonable blog posting. Basically they're kind of kooky, sort of artsy and "out there", this I will admit. But you know what? So WHAT!? That IS me sometimes so I(and everyone else)will basically have to accept that and move on.

Of course it was this side of me, the unpredictable, the "strange" side that often baffled me, separated me (in my mind anyway) from others and perpetuated the notion that I was DIFFERENT. Outwardly I reveled in this image of myself as different, artistic, misunderstood...but as always, on the inside the STORY was quite different. That difference I was promoting outwardly always got interpreted by me on the inside as: "less than" everyone else.

And I ended up disliking myself more and more until that dislike became HATE, uh oh, that's a dangerous transformation and for me it mean much TROUBLE on the horizon.

The story of that TROUBLE has been recounted time and again on SSS so I won't even begin to try and recount it again here. And thankfully, because of all that has happened and all that I have learned,I can chock that up to life experience and move on...never, ever to repeat that nightmare again!

The lesson of course is really a basic one: God doesn't make junk, may be a often quoted cliche' but essentially that is what I am saying. All people have really troubles me today when I see people who really struggle with that, they don't like themselves very much and can't seem to understand what took such heartache for me to finally see. That they are good, just the way they need to pretend that you are something your not!

For me, that is one of this societies saddest societies...that people feel the need to try and be something they are not. I have to believe that breaks the heart of God when his creations feel inadequate the way they are. When the mere opinions of certain PEOPLE influence how a person sees and feels about themselves. breaks my heart.

Today I have to accept that I am what I am...just like Popeye I suppose! How profound that statement of his has become, haha! Anyway...this is what I am and you know what? It's OK with me...yes, thats a simple statement but when a person feels unsettled about who they are, well the consequences often can be negative, even tragic.

So silly post or not, today this is what I have to here it is, my goofy little gift to the world, GOOD MORNING!

Top Painting by Vincent Van Gogh

Bottom Painting by Pablo Picasso

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