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Monday, April 25, 2011


Have I mentioned that I am rather screwed up when it comes to my idiosyncracies. For instance, I rather hate being late, no matter what the activity is. So I always arrive early for whatever I happen to have to do. At the same time I really am impatient...go figure! So I isist on always arriving early for stuff yet I sit an figet insessantly the whole time I'm waiting. That's just NUTS ! I realize that now but I still haven't changed much though I'm trying.

This is just one of several funky contradictions that make up the messed up though lovable entity they call...ME. I think most humans are like that in one way or another, they feel strongly about 2 opposite things at the same time. Its just one of those things that spices things up in life and keeps one on their toes whether we like iit or not!

Well that just killed 10 minutes so I think I can make it now without going crazy now. I am also thankful I'm a reader because I'll sit and kill an hour in the airport without thinking about it.

OK I supposed everyone out in Blogville is just thrilled to discover all this nonsense...well now 'yab know!

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