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Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's Wild...

The dust is finally settling after being away for so long. Time to try and get things re-organized after being turned upside down for nearly 10 days. Funny thing is, I have to turn around in a little more then a week and go back. Of course I won't be staying as long but I have to pack up, drive 9 hrs each way, stay in a hotel, yada, yada, yada...

It is nice to be home but as I wrote last night...things somehow do seem different. I'm different....I've known for as long as I've been in recovery that there is opportunity to grow in any situation life may shove our way. But I think I'm really start to see that and notice it now AS it is happening.

And that's pretty cool to be more self-aware plus to experience that growth and know it. In the past I may have learned things or grown as a person but I was so oblivious I never had a clue. I missed out on so many amazing things. But you have to learn and accept that it is NEVER too late to change. I think that's a most important lesson I'm learning over and over again these days.

Also that you can benefit, yes really benefit from painful experiences...if your paying attention to what's happening during those trying times. That is not an easy thing to do but wow, the stuff I learned just from being ill, well it's remarkable.

Since I got sober in 2006, I have learned many important, even critically important life lessons and most of them I learned the HARD WAY. I will say that I am ready to learn some life lessons some other way, lol! It doesn't have to be the easy way...just not ALWAYS through hard, difficult times, haha.

But I'll say this, even the hard times now seem not as hard. Don't get me still hurts. things are tough but since I've gotten to know God, the suffering is more tolerable. It's doable...and I can take it because I am not alone ....and that, for me makes all the difference.

Today is going to be fun...this evening our church holds a Community Wild Game Dinner at the Fairgrounds. I attended last year (basically to eat)and it was really neat. They have a featured speaker who is typically a sportsman (Of course, I live in an area of about 100 lakes and a huge wild deer herd in the region as well)and a Christian who shares his story.

This year Steve Chapman is the featured speaker and his wife Annie is putting on a woman's seminar as I write this. It just trips me out that i even think this way! It's such a change from the spiteful, hateful, angry attitude I had toward Christians just a short time ago. Another lesson learned...this though, through LOVE.

It is a big event in this community and needless to say, I'm looking forward to it. The dinner spread is incredible...yes there is a lot of wild game and fish but roast, chicken and pork as well. I remember from last year a long table that seemed to always be full of pie. It was like magic: 50 people would take a piece and it would (almost) automatically replenish itself and be full of pie again...pretty cool, eh?!

The it's home to watch the Final Four. Have a Happy Saturday everyone, I'll hoist a huge piece of Pie aloft tonight,in your honor!!


  1. Chicken... food... PIES!!! Hope you take photos of the table of PIES!!! I don't really drool (much), but if I did, I would be drooling now thinking about all that food. It'll be good to get out after the week you've had eh?

  2. SG-With all the good food and good friends, you definitely have that part right!