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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Well things seem to be going my way with this whole surgery thing. I had been prepared for the 2p surgery though waiting until then with out water and food was going to really suck.

But the hospital called me while I was out to dinner (My parents called it my Last Supper!)and said they wanted to move it up 4 hours to 10a. "Thats Cool", I answered! So I don't have to suffer nearly as long now before getting the knife...r, Scope, I mean.

I figure this is a darn good sign, that things are starting to align and so I feel very peaceful and serene. I'm really in a good place with this whole situation. I will be just peachy and in the case somethings goes wrong, I'm OK with that too...I'm totally ready for that as well.

I'm really still feeling the positive energy and love that comes from having such good friends who are standing with me during this tough time of illness. They are always there for me and I love them for being who they are.I don't deserve such wonderful friends but there they are, right by my side.

I also know My Creator, God is with me always and I feel an incredible strength & power in the knowledge of his presence. So I'm ready for battle...

I don't feel anxious, I'm the type of person who has looked up all the info on the procedure the Doc will do, pictures in all. I really feel better knowing how it will be done. My questions are all answered, everything at home is squared away so now I just have a few more hours to wait.

I suppose I'll probably post something in the morning if I'm up early. I liked to wake up, shower and leave for the hospital but it rarely works that way for me. I probably will use my mobile App to post that all is well for my friends that read this blog and who don't use FaceBook. So, next stop...TOMORROW!

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