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Thursday, April 28, 2011

See You On The Other Side...

Last night as I was writing a post for this blog I was feeling calm and relaxed, serene...I had a good night for me, I got a bit of sleep and overall the night went well. I do detect that I am a bit tense this morning.

As I fed Zoe (The Cat pictured above)I found myself thinking hard about the surgery, not being able to eat...and what happens if things don't go well, if you know what I mean. I walked outside to get the morning paper (oddly it wasn't there yet which is really unusual at 6a)and stopped in the driveway for a few minutes.

It rained hard last night, there were puddles in the yard. It is rather windy and a tad on the cool side but it felt good to let the breeze blow over me. I just stood there in silence, listening to the wind. I stayed there for a while and I felt the wind just blow the tension right out of me...Thanks God.

I don't know what today will bring, I have a really good surgeon, he know's what he's looking for, I have a lot of people who love me thinking about and praying for me. I just know that it's going to be all right.

Once again, it was fortuitous that they moved the time of the surgery up 4 hours. Otherwise I'd be awake right now with 7.5 hrs to go until surgery time instead of 3.5, that really makes a difference.

Well the next time I post I'll have a re-configured stomach, I hope that makes me a better, funnier more clever writer, hehe! So I'll see you all on the other side of surgery...


  1. Hope everything went well and is going well as well. I look forward to hearing about the upcoming liquid diet. Make sure you ask what beverages you should NOT partake of... I'm thinking NO coffee, NO soda pop? Nothing acidic? No OJ? Hopefully you are allowed Slurpies, Smoothies, Milkshakes... all the GOOD stuff.

  2. That reminds me of an old hymn. My mother used to have the greatest old books. And I used to sing from all of them when I sang in church. It was much appreciated by the older generation who hadn't heard the songs in a great while, and by the younger who had never heard them.

    My goal was to always touch as many hearts as I could through song, and if I saw teary eyes I knew I'd done it, cause it's kind of happy tears, and this song brought my stepfather down the isle crying like a babe when I sang it. So hopefully you can take it to surgery with you, and if you can find it on the internet to hear it it will become more clear for you.

    I don't know about tomorrow
    I just live from day to day.
    I don't borrow from it's sunshine,
    for it's skies may turn to gray.

    I don't worry o'er the future
    For I know what Jesus said.
    And today he walks beside me
    for He knows what lies ahead.

    Many things about tomorrow
    I don't seem to understand
    but I know who holds tomorrow
    and I know who holds my hand.

    Every step is getting brighter
    as the golden stairs I climb
    every burden's getting lighter
    every cloud is silver lined.

    There the sun is always shining
    there no tear will touch the eye
    at the ending of the rainbow
    where the mountains touch the sky.

    Many things about tomorrow
    I don't seem to understand
    but I know who holds tomorrow
    and I know who holds my hand.

    I don't know about tomorrow
    it may bring me poverty
    but the one who feeds the sparrow
    is the one who stands by me.

    And the path that be my portion
    may be through the flame or flood
    but His presence goes before me
    and I'm covered with His blood

    Many things about tomorrow
    I don't seem to understand
    but I know who holds tomorrow
    and I know who holds my hand.

    He will hold you in his hands, like a father would hold a little babe. You are in His loving care, and have no reason for fear. We love you Thom, and will be holding you in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

    I found a decent link too btw.....he only butchers the song a little bit LOL....otherwise he does a decent job

  3. SG I had to laugh they've given me soda.and coffee already in the hospital!

    I'm doin ok I just don't feel up to responding rt now. Thanks for all the kind word!