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Sunday, January 2, 2011

10,000 Pound Elephant Turd

It seems like every time I've opened up this blog site recently I've noticed something different. Honest to god it was like a really powerful oder, a strong stench wafting out of my computer and into the room. But wait, it wasn't coming from my computer....nope it seemed it was coming off the Internet. That's right there was some sort of stink coming from my blog! Shit, I know I'm not the most creative freaking writer or even a half-way decent one but I didn't think the dang Blog was THAT  bloody bad!

Holy Cow!, my f*^king blog stinks, now what am I going to do? Jeez, I starting to wonder if any of the 6 people who actually read this babble noticed the stink. Boy, I really am starting to lose respect for! I recognize that's...SHIT! The smell is...Oh, now I get it, that oder, the a Circus smell. It's Elephant Shit! Now I'm beginning to figure this out.

It's the 10K pound Elephant in the room, er blog! That's right, ever since I started honking off about my personal stuff on this site, there has been a 10,000lbs, crap spewing elephant in the room called: "He's a former drunk and drug addict guy"! OH MY GOD, hide the children...


Yep that's right, I am...this old fart posting on this site was once a full blown drunk and a drug addict, who has managed to stay clean/sober (one day at a time) for over 4 years. That's pretty cool, right? I mean it's better then me being the obnoxious asshole in the bar, right? Or driving my car all coked up, loaded on booze, no sleep for 3 days, at 70mph on a residential street at 7:30a on a Tuesday when the school buses and the kids are all out, eh?

My point here and believe me there is actually a point to all this chaos, is that some folks don't know what to make of that "Recovering Alcoholic thing". Like: "What is that supposed to mean"? They aren't sure if your normal or not. Is he some kind of a religious nut now or one of those anti-booze crusader types or a brain dead X-junkie that can't put his own freaking pants on? Uh, none of the above..I hope! (Well, I occasionally struggle w/the pants part but that's another post.)

I get that too...It is unusual for someone to cop to that kind of thing publicly. It seems weird and people kinda freak on it but I guess I'm trying to set the record straight (pardon the recovery lingo pun!!) here a little bit.

X-Boozers are people too...heck, I didn't climb in a closet, lock the door,throw away the key, pull it closed and decide to stay there out of the way, miserable for the rest of my life. Hell no! I'm not a Monk!

I wouldn't consider myself a religious freak either, though I have certain spiritual beliefs that I'm not afraid to admit to. You won't hear me talk too much about 'em though, even here unless someone else brings it up. I didn't care to have other folks shoving their beliefs up my BUM and I won't do it to anyone else either.I have my experiences and that is basically what I write about here though some of my spiritual stuff will certainly bleed through, hey that's OK too.

What I do is share some of that experience through my posts about my every day life. If your interested, that's cool...if not, blow it off, that's perfectly fine by me. I'm a recovering person, no doubt but that is not ALL that I am, it doesn't truly define me. I am just another human being trying to make his way through life on this big blue planet called earth, no better and no worse then anyone else.

I think most folks who read this little ditty called Shell Shock Serenade realize that. Read what you like, discard the rest. Hey, deep down I'll admit it,if some one out there is struggling with addiction, perhaps what I write here may have some positive impact on them. And anyone is free to e-mail me at to comment, question, make a suggestion...whatever. If they would rather not do it publicly in the post comments then e-mail me. I welcome every body's thoughts and ideas.

Alright, now that I have gotten that off my chest, I'm hoping the Elephant has left the building w/Elvis and I can shovel out the shit and air out this blog....


  1. Wow... now THAT was a rant. Alcoholics abound and in close proximity which has since childhood provided me with great insight. I may drop you an email on this matter.

  2. Spockgirl:
    Feel free, I'd love to hear your insight on any of this stuff....