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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fat-Man Becomes X-Man to Avoid Being Elephant Man

Sorry, I've just had this obsession right now with my basketball belly fatness and elephants. I'm really trying to resist re-posting the photo of the elephant taking a dump in a giant sized toilet right now but it's a neck and neck battle right now!

OK I have made a decision to post my weight here daily on this blog as motivation to keep riding the X. Why? I'm struggling to ride the X...For one, it hurts me, it really does. And not just the back but the right knee is all torn up but a retired Orthopedic Surgeon here on the island told me I could not damage it any more and that I should keep riding. So I'm taking his advice, thanks Doc!

So here it is. As of today 8 January, 2011 My weight is:


That's super freaking heavy for this boy, believe me. I'm 6'1" and I do carry it fairly well (shit it's all gathered up in one tidy place around my mid section for god sakes!)  but I'm about 20-25lbs overweight I'd say. So I'm going to keep posting this weight until I can get 'er under control.

As I've mentioned, I do eat a fairly healthy diet. lots of fruit, veges and such. I do have to cut out the daily Ice Cream but other then that it's not bad. I do have a bad habit of being hungry and eating before I lay down. I know, I know....very, very, bad thing to do, thormoo!

Being this heavy is still rather shocking, I never thought I'd see 200lbs or even close to it. As I've mentioned, in June of 2006 when I sobered up I weighed 139lbs. 64 pounds lighter then I am now, whoa! It was ugly, scary ugly actually...but I was on a very specialized diet. But I wouldn't recommend it to anyone:

Pics taken fall 2007 still thin at a yr sober

First you don't eat anything for 2, 3 yea 4 days in a row. Sounds tough to do? Not really when your personally snorting an 8 ball or so a day and drinking vodka for breakfast. I think you get the drift, eh?

I tried to find some pics from around that time and I just don't have any. So the previous pics were taken in 2007, over a year after I got sober and still show me as a pretty thin guy but finally looking at least reasonably healthy by then.

So this is it, I have to be accountable for my weight gain and I'm going to do it here 203.6....

Sorry, I couldn't resist. That's a wonderful shot for a Saturday morning breakfast time post, eh!

elephant poop


  1. Are you Canadian? Just wondered because you say "eh." Either way, that pic is right up my alley. How did you find such a gem? I might need to borrow it to put on my friend's FB wall. Its just a little somethin' somthin' we do to say "hi." The last one she gave me was a pic of dog poo covered in ice cream sprinkles. It was thoughtful ; )

  2. Nope, not Canadian. I just love words, they way they roll off the tongue (or keyboard, as it were!) I googled, and I'm not kidding...Elephants shitting and a bunch of pic sites came up.I like the one of the elephant sitting on the gigantic toilet, which was a legitimate waste disposal system that the elephants used. I'm just facinated but ridiculous shit, er things.Also I pic I didn't use, the famous one of the person that got buried in a huge pile of elephant diarrhea, supposedly it killed him though they say it was a hoax. A wild pic though. I'm sure you can find something creative yet thoughtful to send your friend. Brings a tear to my eye...