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Friday, January 21, 2011

Trying This Again...

I originally wrote this piece yesterday, posted it for 10 minutes or so then took it off the blog. Why? It was childish, amateurish and just not the kind of work I'm proud of. I was ranting in the worst way, throwing accusations around and just basically being a jerk. I'm going to try and do this a bit differently this morning since I do think it's a worthy topic.

I've noticed for a long time now that there seems to be no real effort on the part of business's in the service industry to really focus on Customer Service. Fast food, big chain department stores, gas stations, sit down restaurants...really, you name it.

Yesterday I went off on some specific places in the town near where I live. That isn't what I want to, I think the focus is more on our society today.

For whatever reason, we just don't seem to take the time anymore to go the extra mile to do those service industry things well.

Fast food is a huge issue. I really don't go to fast food places anymore because I don't eat their food but I do periodically stop by for coffee. And they still have trouble getting an order for coffee correct! Just the other day I ordered a small coffee, when I paid I was thinking it seemed like a lot for a small cup 'o Joe..and a large cup arrived. I took it not wanted to make an issue about it and yes, I was in a hurry but again, it was a mistake.

That seems to be the main issue in that type of business, in my old industry, furniture manufacturing we called that "wrong product in the box". I understand they are busy but If i can take a second to check the order, they can too.

Attitude and dealing with customers seem to be a big issue at most of the establishments and I believe training is an issue there.

When I am checking out out the grocery or one of those "Mega Store's" like Walmart, Meijer, etc. I really don't want to hear you telling the cashier next door how your kid is sick, your husband is a lazy ass and drinks too much. I don't think it is too much to ask to please focus on your customer and act professionally.

I've worked all my adult life, I know how hard it can be, working your tail off day after day...but when you deal directly with customers you have to step it up a notch...again training and our society's general watered down attitude toward professionalism is too blame in my opinion.

Not my best work here I know but I hate "loose ends" and this piece was definately a loose end...

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