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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Love Yourself...Huh?

What in the world does the term: loving yourself mean? I often hear that is treatment/therapy circles: "Well you cannot love somebody unless you first love yourself"...OK, it sounds good, I'll give it that but what in the heck does it REALLY mean?

Loving yourself, Hmmm...I suppose if I had to guess I'd say feel good about yourself, appreciate who you are, something like that. But I'm not trying to be a smart ass here  but I am struggling w/the concept of LOVING one's self. I'm not poking fun or mocking the phrase but it's one of those things that gets over-said as it were. Yep, it has become a cliche...

In the recovery world I do hear it a lot. When I was in the Psych Hospital, post-suicide attempt, I heard it a bunch then as well but I haven't really ever had anyone explain it to me. Or why it's so important to love yourself before loving somebody else.

In all honesty, I've never thought to ask what it meant and why it was so bloody important so I suppose that is why I am asking it right now...

I do get the concept of feeling good about who I am and caring enough to take care of myself: My health, my living situation, my hygiene, etc. But I know this must be something MUCH deeper then that, this concept of truly loving yourself.

Oh brother, this is great...I'm going to bed with a huge question on my mind. Wonder if I'll get much sleep tonight?!


  1. you listen to Nine Inch Nails? because I totally see you just lounging and listening to the soothing voice of Trent Reznor

  2. Naw Ryan, no NIN 4 me...I was just waxing philosophical, that's all! When you sit through as many therapy sessions as I do, ya just tired of hearing all the cliches...