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Saturday, January 1, 2011


The other day I was questioning whether I should use lyrics from songs to convey certain thoughts and feelings, instead of my own. I had just posted the song "One Man Army" by the band Our Lady Peace. Naturally that set me off to listening to music from that band from the moment on until...hell, I'm still listening to it.

My love for that group and their music goes way back, a decade or more. When my kids were younger, the 3 of us used to sing along, out loud to songs from the CD: "Happiness..Is Not A Fish You Can Catch" while tooling around in the car together. We also listened to Spiritual Machines, another CD just packed w/great music. You know what they say: Families that pretend to be ROCK STARS together, stay together...or something like that, tee hee. What an amazing memory that is...

But I digress...I was really re-immersing myself in their music and listened once again to the some "Clumsy" off the album by the same name. I could and can relate to that song on several levels, from both points of view; the author and the subject of that song.

Instead of following my usual pattern of just reprinting the lyrics, I decided to embed the video for that tune here. So, with out further ado...Ladies and Gentleman, Our Lady Peace:


  1. Can't quite remember what I said in my previous comment about this band, but they are GREAT. The songs Clumsy, Shaking, Automatic Flowers, 4AM and Carnival are among my personal faves from this album.

    I have never met anyone in person or online who actually listens or has listened to them. But then again I was/ am older than their "normal" fan base. Heh.

  2. I'm not sure what their what or who their "normal" fan base is but I'm a grandpa pushing 50 so I imagine I might be on the upper end of that scale as well! Perhaps that makes me odd...if that's the case well so be it then! I've always liked music that I identify with lyrically as well as musically and they certainly meet that criteria. I only know a couple of people that really like them and they are my kids and my best friend who all started getting into them because of me. So that doesn't really count does it?

  3. lyrics are a powerful thing man. it goes to show you how talented some artists are, that they can come up with lyrics that people can relate to.

    i went to see GlassJAw last night and it was intense - pent up rage in a room with 2,100 other people - it's a great release of aggression.

    happy new year bro, and thanks for reading - i appreciate you thinking i have a brain, ha.

  4. bc of you, they are my second fav band of all time! My cool Dad introduced them to me but you love music so its no surprise you are on the cutting edge!