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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sun Glasses Junkie...

Well it is 36 degrees and raining here in S Michigan on this lovely January morning. For Pete's Sake, I can handle Winter, heck I like Winter...what I can't handle is rain on top of snow. It takes all the fun out of makes driving in the crap actually dangerous and yes: It's f**king w/my serenity this morning!!

How is that for a RANT, eh!? It is true though, that is one combination of weather  that I don't care for. Bright sun on a snowy day is another but that is more because of light sensitivity. Ever since I had Lasik surgery 7 years ago (I absolutely LOVE it by the way!) my eyes have been really sensitive to light. Big deal right? Get some sun glasses, you say? Well that's the problem...remember I am an addict and though that does not mean that I am addicted to EVERYTHING, I am addicted to buying and wearing expensive sun glasses. And I'm not kidding, it's something I have to be careful with, especially since I am not a wealthy man.
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  • They say some folks collect shoes, some people collect cars or jewellery, clothes, DVD's, whatever...for me it's sunglasses: Oakley, Ray-Ban, Smith, Maui-Jim, Zero G, Prada...yep, you get the picture. I'm too embarrassed to actually go into any more detail then that. Take my word for it...I have to be cool w/the sunglasses, 'ya dig?!

    OK, just going to the Oakley web site to get those pics has got me in a frenzy so I need to get off the freakin' computer before I do (read: BUY) something I don't really need...


    1. I'm a big fan of oakley, but I'm never sure if the brand suits me.

    2. Well it is 36 degrees and raining here in S Michigan on this lovely January morning.