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Sunday, January 9, 2011


These are some of my favorite RUSH songs performed live. They are youtube videos taken by fans so they are not slick, well produced versions but they capture the essence of this band playing live completely.

I first started listening to them in 1975,76 while I was in middle school. I always was impressed with their musicianship and their lyrics...I'm even more impressed with them today.

I hadn't listened to them for years, preferring much harder, darker, angst filled music to go along with my drug addicted point of view. After I sobered up, I read a wonderful book by their drummer Neil Peart called "Ghost Rider-Travels on the Healing Road"...He lost his teenage daughter in an auto accident in 1997 or 98, shortly after he lost his wife who, in his own words "died of a broken heart" from the loss of her daughter. She just gave up. He was devastated and proceeded to take off on his BMW motorcycle for the next 18 months. He road from Alaska into S America, by himself and captures his journey in this incredible travel and healing memoir.

Reading this also re-introduced me to this band. It's been such a wonderful experience to have this incredible music back in my life. I am a lover of music...all types from Classical to rock to Irish Folk to punk to Piano. It doesn't matter, it all moves me.

This is my introduction to the blog of RUSH, I may just share Videos or songs here with out much further explanation.

RUSH Radio City Music Hall- Animate

RUSH Nationwide Arena Columbus Ohio 29 August, 2010

I was at this show, front row, far right, I remember thinking I had died and gone to heaven..

RUSH Pittsburgh, PA September 2010

Yep, you guessed it, I was at this show too only in the front row, left side of the stage. I wanted a well rounded RUSH experience on this years RUSH Tour, tour...

Last one, Red Barchetta again from the August show in my old home town: Columbus, Ohio. Quite appropriate I may add since I first saw the at Veterans Memorial Coliseum in the Fall of 1977, just a half mile down the road from this new, some memory.


  1. The best RUSH song ever has got to be Tom Sawyer. I am never not in the mood to listen to that song.

  2. Yeah, I concur about Tom Sawyer. I saw Rush with Primus back in the day. Geez..around 1991 or so? I was astounded to see that people in th audience actually did the fist in the air bit. Guess all the shows I went to before (and since) have been less rockin'...