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Sunday, January 23, 2011

To Be Champions!

Sunday mornings after church, I've discovered is the perfect time for a nap. It almost feels like cheating, you know like getting a second chance at sleep.

It actually read -9 degrees on my car thermometer on my way over to church at 7:45a this morning. It was FROSTY!

Any way, I wanted to pick the 2 Conference Champions today before I snooze until kick-off of the Bears-Packers game at 3p. The Steelers-Jets follows at 6:30p or so...

First the Pack/Bears Game. It's funny but in both of these games today, I couldn't care less who wins. I'm really not pulling for any one though that can change at kick off. I just think the Packers are on a roll and I would be surprised if the bears can generate the offense to beat them. I think Green Bays D is vastly under-rated and they will be the key to this game. Cutler at QB, I don't know, I think he's pretty good but Aaron Rodgers is the hottest QB left standing in the playoffs, not doubt....

Green Bay 24 Chicago 17

The second game is harder, I just think the Boys In Steel are plain hard to beat in these situations historically. I know, the Steelers History doesn't Play tonight but they just always seem to rise up in games like these. I think either team has a good chance but I really think whoever manages to win this game is going to do it somewhat convincingly. Don't ask me why, it just happens sometimes...things will get on a roll. That's what will happen today, the Steelers will open it up in the second half:

Pittsburgh 35 New York 10

I actually wouldn't mind seeing the Jets in the big game and they are probably the closest thing to a team I root for because of TE Dustin Keller (Purdue kid) but I was a long time Cleveland Browns Fan and I'm used to having my heart trampled by these bastards in the Steel City.....

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