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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Off To See The Wizard...

I slept very little last night...I didn't get to bed until late because of the Purdue Basketball Game. The B-Boys pulled it out 86-76 and they played really well against a good team. Not sure what's going on w/Sparty? They have great players but they are just struggling to put things together. I have a feeling they'll "find themselves" by tournament time!

The thermometer is reading a BIG FAT 0 this's a tad frosty out, no doubt. This kind of frigid, snowy weather makes my journey out to the mail box to get the paper more like a sprint then the usual sleepy stroll it usually is...

I'm off to see the Wizard as it were...yep, going to Church again this morning. And the "Wizard" reference is quite relevant because that is sort of what I fear: That I'll let myself actually believe in this "God Stuff" much like Dorothy believed in the Wizard of Oz, only to find that in reality it's some old guy pulling all the strings behind the curtains....

Hey, have I told you folks out there that I have a little issue with TRUST?!

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