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Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Kind of Friend

I'm sitting here this morning, reading e-mails, blog posts and comments...thinking about the various relationships I have with people today. My family, close friends but also a new group of friends I've made mostly from blogging. And I think it's kinda cool really, for a couple of reasons.

I've mentioned in past posts that not too long ago, I was a rather withdrawn,  isolated guy. Even after I quit drinking it took me awhile to come out of my shell. One of the reasons I started on Facebook was to open up a bit. A buddy's had suggested it. My first reaction was negative of course but I've come to really appreciate FB.

It's allowed me to stay in contact w/my kids (and grand-kids, yea!) as well as friends and family that are spread out all over the place. It's also helped me in reaching out to other alcoholics who are just getting sober and are in the same, lonely place I was not too long ago.

The blogging friendships again, are something I never expected but I really appreciate. I honestly get a lot of great feedback to my posts and yep, it tends to be mostly from a few regular readers. Obviously I don't know these folks personally, well a couple who are local I do but mostly no. But they are just folks who have read my posts regularly and take a minute to let me know what they think or feel. I think we've developed a certain kind of respectful friendship that is possible online. And yea, I really do consider them my friends..and that's coming from a guy who does not' throw the term friend around carelessly. I just happen to think we now have a whole new kind of friend in this world...

And I think it's a really cool thing. Obviously there is the whole "online safety" thing and that has to be considered because it is a legitimate issue. Personal safety and security should be a major priority in every-body's life in this day and age. But I think if you use common sense and the appropriate online security tools (haha) than you can really enjoy and benefit from a blogging experience...I know I have.

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