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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bears vs Packers

The Green Bay Packers at the Chicago Bears for a Super Bowl slot...Jeez, does it get any better then that for a Black N Blue Division football purist? Heck, I like it too...I believe that's the way it should be played too, outside on a grass field in winter time. I'm not a fan of either team really or any team for that matter since the Cleveland Browns debacle. Though I saw Drew Brees play all four years in college so I have kinda adopted his teams, first the Chargers, Now the Saints...

I Kinda have a feeling that the Patriots are gonna spank the Jets this afternoon but I actually would like to see the Jets win. Why, I don't really care for either team. Because I'm an old fashioned, football purist and the Pats play on a RUBBER field, that phony, baloney Field Turf Crap. Yea, I want the Jets to win because if they do, The Steelers host the AFC Championship Game, on a Grass field the way it should be. Plus Jets TE Dustin Keller is a Purdue Kid and I'd like to see him in the Big Game...
So Yea, I'm basically not rooting for teams so much as I am rooting for what kind of field I want the Conference Championship Games to be played on...pretty sick right, haha!! Hope you all enjoy your day and..

Here's a Big freakin' Shout Out to my poor working stiff Bro Ryan in the Bronx...Hey Man, I hope that headaches goes away and you can spend some Q-Time at home this afternoon w/your wife and dog, maybe watching the Jets beat those Pats!

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