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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Buckeyes Beat Pigs in Sugar Bowl

The Ohio State Buckeyes pulled out a victory last night against the Arkansas Razorbacks after seemingly doing everything in their power to give it away. Holy Cow what a mess at the end of that game, they seemed hell bent on losing it!They led 28-10 at half but things began to unravel for them in the games final 30 minutes. The Razorbacks D stepped up and allowed the Bucks only 3 points after halftime. They also accounted for a questionable Safety in the 4th Qtr. That safety was a joke, clearly his forward progress was well out of the End Zone and he was pushed back by defenders. A very bad call by officials in my opinion.

All in all it was an impressive win for OSU, mainly because they withstood Arkansas's intensity and made plays when it counted. QB Terrelle Pryor lived up to expectations and played a great game. Though his performance at the end  and after the game was, I don't know a bit melodramatic if you ask me. Even when the guy does something good, he always seems to leave something on the table.

Pryor tweaked an ankle late in the 4th Qtr, missed a critical play late in a drive that would have iced the game. I really thought he could and should have been in there. Big time players play with an injury like that all the time, especially in big games. If he wants to play on Sunday's he better stop the Prima-Donna crap and be a player!

Then during his on field interview with ESPN correspondent Shelley Smith, he was flanked by 2 flunky's that essentially carried him around. I just think it was over done. No, actually I think it was pathetic...His grimacing and whining during the interview were lacking something, I don't know? Toughness maybe?! Yea, he came across as a wimp, talking in a whisper sort of like Michael Jackson in a Buckeye Uniform!

He said at the post game presser that he needed another year in school (No shit, Sherlock!) and that he needed to grow up. Both very true statements but as he said them I got the impression HE wasn't really buying it. He said it but didn't really believe it. I think in that kids mind he's a 1st pick in the draft. He has way too many people in Columbus telling him what he wants to here. I hope Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel
 enlightens him on that subject, god knows Kirk Herbstreit tried when he ripped his attitude last week on ESPN.

But as a Big Ten fan I'll admit it,  I'm relieved they pulled this one out. Things still look poor for the Conference when it comes to comparison's with the SEC. But we'll take the win and move on. The Sports Talk Radio Shows will be all over this today so it's cool the B10 got at least one decent victory in a BCS game.

I know the BCS Championship game is next week but as far as I'm concerned it's time to focus on BOILER Basketball!

Yep, this is a year that the Purdue Boilermakers, in my opinion have a legitimate chance of making a deep run in the NCAA Tourney...

So Lets' Go BOILERS!

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