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Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Know What A Jasper Is...

Manhattan College in Riverdale NY has a sports nickname that I found rather unusual so I just had to find out what it meant. Now I could have been lazy and just asked my Bro Ryan, author of the blog: Waxed Red Threads what it means. Why Ryan, well my good bloggin buddy works there in the Athletic Department. But I thought I'd impress him and figure it out on my own...

Actually Jasper is the Name Of Brother Jasper, who was the baseball teams first coach and the Students Prefect for Discipline back in the early days of the college. I'll include the College's own link that goes into more detail here: Brother Jasper.

I think the most facinating thing I discovered was that he is the man responsible for the 7th Inning Stretch, a long standing Major League Baseball Tradition. It seems on a hot afternoon during a game the Manhattan Students were becoming restless in the hot and muggy conditions. After the top of the 7th Inning, in his role as Prefect Of Discipline he ordered the students to stand and stretch for a minute. And now we have the 7th Inning stretch....

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  1. dude - i totally missed this post by you, sorry about that - i am such a dick - quite impressive, although trying to explain it to people leaves much to be desired - it's not like Blue Devils or Boilermakers