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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jets @ Steelers

Well, well whatta 'ya know!? I got my wish...both NFL Conference Championship Games will be played the way they are supposed to be played in football: On real FREAKIN' grass!

OK, I won't gloat but I'm serious, I think playing on rubber/plastic fields (Yea, Field Turf is rubber/plastic) really takes something away from the game. Just like playing in a Dome does. Now the Super Bowl this year is in Dallas at their new stadium which has Field Turf and has a closed roof or at least a roof that can be closed.

I guess my thinking is the Super Bowl probably should be played in the best possible conditions it can be played in. So I suppose it gets a pass from me and my "RULE" though I still prefer it be played on grass. Actually I have the perfect solution. I think the NFL has 2 stadiums that have retractable roofs and Grass fields, The Phoenix Cardinals Stadium and the Houston Texans. I think they should rotate the game between those 2 stadiums, The Super Dome in New Orleans (I know Dome w/Field Turf but New Orleans HAS to be a Super Bowl City, it's the perfect City for it) and the Miami Dolphins Stadium. It''s grass and open air but again a historic and near perfect setting for the big game. Maybe the Rose Bowl and that's it...just use those stadiums for the Super Bowl.

See, It's not that hard to figure this stuff out...Now let's get ready for some Football on Grass!!

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