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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Whisper of God...

Triple S or T-S (Shell Shock Serenade): It can be a rocket-ship, that I ride to the stars of what can be. I can explore the outer reaches of my life and all that is possible. This blog can take me there...

It's also a submarine, exploring the depths of my hurt, the self hatred that was buried so far out of sight that even I couldn't be sure it even existed. Yet it did..

Those things I've just written about posting here on T-S are true. I've written posts that have taken me to new places and have explored new depths and discovered new things. Some of it painful, some of it happy but all of it, inevitably Good.

But more then anything Shell Shock is a voice...the voice of hurt, recalling the tough times, the pain and confusion life can bring. It can be the voice of Anger, raging at those things that hurt me...screaming in anger for a life lost forever.

The voice of heartbreak: lamenting the loss of innocence, left on a Men's Room floor...

The voice of reason? At times when I recall the experience of others and share it here..

But more then anything, I desire Shell Shock Serenade to be a voice of Hope. That things WILL get better, that life CAN be all the good things that you want it to be.

People, typically those in Recovery don't like to say: "Hey look at me"...but when it comes to addiction/alcoholism all I had to do was look at others who were sober to see that recovery, One Day At A Time was possible. If they could do it, then perhaps I can too?!

As I write about my life and my experience, it is my sincere desire that what appears here truly represents what is good in my life. Though I recount the horror, the heartbreak...ultimately the message I am trying to convey is a Simple One: Hope exists. That it is Possible to change...that life can be better. If anything I want this blog to represent paraphrase Yogi Berra: "Life ain't over 'til it's over". Translation: As long as we have breath, we have Hope, things can change.

If anything my life and all that it is suggests that hopelessness is NOT FINAL,'s not. What it can be is the whisper of God telling us there is Hope...and a new life just over the horizon. 

So then let this blog be the voice of what IS....The Possible.

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