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Friday, January 7, 2011

Cheers Friday! is snowing lightly, ever so slightly in S. Michigan. I like snow and I never really minded the whole "Winter" experience. Not fond of shoveling and frankly I really can't shovel snow other then the super, light fluffy stuff like we have this morning.

I find it funny that in my life today, I'm also ready for a day of perhaps: "light, fluffy stuff after several very thought and feeling provoking blog posts. As I've mentioned here more then once, the benefit of straight forward, honest reflection is incredible but I'll admit I can really focus on that stuff, like a laser to the point where I need to back off.

Hence an attempt today to focus on the light, fluffy yet valuable stuff going on in life, personally and in the world.

That might mean a sports post, though I have to cop to that fact that I happen to takes ports rather seriously. Shit the truth here is I could get intense about basket weaving if it was truly something that interested me. I'm not kidding.

So, I'm off to ride the X and then we'll see what pops out of the old noggin to write about....Cheers Friday!

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  1. THe white gold is headed out here to long island too. 3"-6" of snow sure beats the hell out of the 24" we got last storm. Be well friend, enjoy your bike