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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jack Asses @ the NCAA

Enough of all this waiting crap, let's play some Football.

The powers to be in the NCAA Better Known as the: Divine Rulers Of College Football have decreed that the NCAA Championship Game, IE: BCS Championship game will not be played until January 10th for gods sake! What Jack Ass made that decision? Hell it will almost be time for Spring Training for Major League Baseball by then! Let's Go Red Sox (sorry Ryan!)...

I love College Football, it is without a doubt my favorite sport of all but this is just a plain ole bad decision on their part. All the major bowl games should have been played on January 1st with the possible exception of the BCS Championship game. I could see where it makes sense to play that ONE game on a different night...but the sports nation should be focused only on the NFL Playoffs where football is concerned. They Cannot compete with the League and shouldn't even try, what a joke.

Auburn and Oregon will play in the big game. I'm not that interested in either team though I probably favor Oregon, only because they are a bit of an underdog. But I want to see the big game and I'd like to see it some time before I freaking croak!. To have to wait the better part of 2 weeks after most every body else has played is just ridiculous. They have been interviewing both teams who have been out in Phoenix, site of the BCS Championship most of the week. So we will have to listen to more crappy interviews throughout the weekend.

You know I just discovered they played the damn Cotton Bowl tonight and I didn't have a clue. Another game traditionally played on New Years moved to when, Jan 7...what a shame, I hope somebody realized it was on and actually WATCHED it.
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The BCS Championship Game is a made for TV event, I get it but I don't know a single, solitary, soul who likes it when it is...we (American Sports Fans) are losing interest in these bowl games, you are ruining a pretty good thing here: HELLO!

I do know, they don't give a Rats A** about me, what I happen to think or any other small time peanut blogging sports fan who rants about the injustice, er Insanity of waiting until half of frickin' January is over before they play this damn game, Ach...makes me want to puke!

We should be watching college basketball right now and gearing up for the NFL Wild Card Games this weekend...Who Dat?! Let's go Saints (hope their cool my brother!)


  1. omg, I know right? What the heck was the cotton bowl doing on yesterday?! It's not even a bcs game! And the jan 10th bcs date is just plain rediculous, I have lost interest! But the ducks need to win bc I live in SEC country and need to shut up some people spewing "SEC is the greatest college football conference"! Yuck...


  2. At least YOUR Buckeyes managed to win at least one game from a team in Satan's Entire Conference (SEC), that saved face in a very small way. Your right, everyone has lost interest...bad move on their part...