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Monday, January 3, 2011

Dead Puppies

It's true, all the puppies on this blog are dead, gone daddy gone and I'm responsible. I couldn't take it anymore...too freaking cute, their sad, goofy little faces,  Ach!!  I'm sorry I ever lost temporary command of my senses and put them here in the first place.

Perhaps I'm developing a harder edge for the site..maybe. Maybe I'm just a nut case that throws shit against the wall to see if it sticks...could be.

But you'll never know, will 'ya?! Well, unless you keep coming back to see what I'll kill, next!

                                                Wild Man Quits Drinking-
                                               Hangs Out With Monsters!




  1. BWAHAHAHA! You are too funny and clever, Dad!


  2. Huh... I'm really new visiting here but I didn't see any darn cute puppies... I guess I was too busy reading the rather lengthy rants... er... essays.

    Funny thing, fairly recently I visited another blog and the post was also titled "Dead Puppies". I have to admit it was hilarious... well maybe... but I couldn't stop laughing.

  3. Spockgirl:
    Until yesterday afternoon I had a daily puppy feature here on the blog that showed a new pic every day of some pathetically cute little doggie. I've had some fun mocking it over the last month and decided to kill it off yesterday. So sorry you missed that little gem, maybe I should bring it back. Uh, No Freaking Way! Maybe I need to learn that I should never say never!!