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Friday, January 14, 2011


I'm feeling a little frustrated at the moment. I've been blogging for quite a while, writing for a long time and I still find myself feeling frustrated by the limitations of my writing ability.

I will admit, using the written word to convey meaning to a potentially large audience is a difficult challenge. Each person who reads a post will interpret it in their own way. They reader can't see my expression, all they have to go on are the actual words themselves. As we know, one word can have many meanings. Then there is context...and that can be interpreted in a number of ways as well.

If I am to continue writing, I am going to have to get better at tightening down my words and meanings. I think I often times will write like I speak. Actually I've intentionally used some of the same slang and type of speech to give a post more flow, perhaps make it hipper. The problem with that is when I talk I know I don't choose my words sometimes as carefully as I should.

When you put something down in print, people are really going to look into it and try to figure out exactly what it means. Again through the filter of their own interpretation so that leaves at lot of room for misunderstanding. Especially when you are a blogger who tries to capture his thoughts and reactions in real time...spontaneously.

All of this comes with the territory. Particularly when you blog your own opinions. you have to know that folks may challenge that so it's critical to not get sloppy in word, sloppy isn't the best word, how about lazy or careless? Anyway I've definately learned a lesson here tonight about that and I hope that future posts and comments of mine will be better put together in the future w/out losing their spontaneity.


  1. Go easy on yourself Tom, or get a thesaurus... Your writing is fine, don't let perfectionism cloud your thinking...

  2. Cereal junkies! I write like I speak and I can give a shit. It's insight into who you are for those who've never met you. Keep it.

  3. Yea I suppose I'm over thinking it some but 'ya know what, that IS me...I really f**king care about what I do and I always want to get better at it. My brother cereal fanatic Ryan is certainly right on: It is who I am so I have to do it my way and I definately will. Just always looking for ways to ROCK harder, that's all!

  4. Your manner of expression is perfectly sound. And... if you write like how you speak, that is what makes what you write unique. (Um... the rhyme there was unintentional. Egads, now I'm starting to sound like Dr. Seuss.)

  5. I love the Dr Seuss comment (I literally laughed out load) and the word "Egads", one of my favs...