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Monday, January 17, 2011

Boys Of Summer

I love football, particularly College football. I like the NFL as well...I'd say the sport of football is by far my favorite. I like basketball, college anyway (NBA uh...not so much!) but somehow I'm just not as passionate about it from an attendance or TV viewing perspective. I'll watch a bit but I'm perfectly satisfied just checking scores once in a while and just Purdue scores. I couldn't care less about the others....Until Tourney Time: March Madness, then I watch every game I can. But that's about it for Basketball,

Major League Baseball is different. I have found myself wanting to watch baseball in the worst way. Tonight I'm craving a Tiger Dog at Comerica Park. Hey it ain't Tiger Stadium, Fenway, Wrigley or Yankee Stadium but there is just something about being at a ball game.

Yea, I'm a doubt about it. The greenest grass I ever saw was the first time I saw Fenway takes my breath away just sitting here thinking about it. Shoot, I think I'm going to have to grill a couple of hot dogs just to take the edge off!

OK, so I'm going to post a few pics, grill some dogs and dream about the boys of SUMMER...Spring Training is right around the corner!

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