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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


YIKES! Is right, I just washed my face and then looked up at myself in the mirror! Er, not really...just a little humor to lighten the mood. And it needs to be lightened because my Boilers played like dogs (sorry dog lovers, for the insult) tonight.

Here I am a life long Purdue sports fan and I feel sorry for the Penn State kids because they deserved to win that game tonight. I give them a heck of a lot of credit. They played hard, took over the game forced the B-Boys into some bad play but couldn't close the deal.

As for Purdue, you don't take the win and be thankful for it. Winning any game in the Big Ten isn't easy and especially to this PSU team, they've been giving everyone fits including us: TWICE already this year.

Well ESPN's College Gameday is coming to West Lafayette Saturday and the Boilers play Michigan State so that is going to be a huge game and a tough, tough game on D and the boards. Both teams play similar games and I think Tom Izzo is one of the best coaches in the game today. Coach K at Duke stands above the rest then I think there is a couple that fall in a second layer and Izzo is one of that group...

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