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Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Life...

Yesterday I posted about getting frustrated with this life I lead some times: The F**K-It's and the spiritual challenges that go along with living as well: I've Lost My Mind (Not Surprised?!). Not to mention the terrible sadness one can feel when others are seemingly unable to find peace in a life with out Booze/Drugs: The Sorrow; Some Never Make It. I know, I know...that was a lot of heavy stuff all coming down in one day.

And you know what? Some days are like that...other days are filled with all the small everyday things that make life go and go. I just wanted to capture what life was like for a guy who was trying to live in recovery, day to day as it was happening. And I get days like this but I'll be honest about yesterday, it didn't just fall out of the sky like "Oh man, I feel bad for the folks who struggle w/their sobriety, I think I'll write about it". Nope, that wasn't how I got to thinking about all that stuff yesterday.

No, a fella I know, who has been in and out of recovery showed up at lunch time.  I was standing around with a  few friends and we were shooting the shit about our recovery. What's the big deal, you ask? Well, he practically feel on his face when he came through the door, he was that intoxicated. Is it uncomfortable to see...Its barely Noon and he obviously drinking for many hours prior to seeing us. But we welcomed him until he actually passed out then fell to the floor before one of his friends took him home.

One thing I've learned is if someone wants to talk, I'll ask that they call me or come over BEFORE they drink or drug...otherwise it's just a big waste of time. They aren't hearing whats being said and more often then not they just argue with you anyway. It can be duper frustrating trying to reason with a drunk...

But back to yesterday...I was really sad to see this happening and yep it makes me fucking angry. This damned disease wants to take lives and it frequently does and I don't like it! So I get turned around some but I know that there is only so much one can do and I have to just let those kind of experiences go.

And as I've said before: This comes with the territory...if your going to be around recovering addicts/alcoholics, you're are going to watch people struggle and yea, die. Of course you'll see people succeed as well. And that's the part that makes it all worthwhile...

I received some wonderful comments yesterday and today on those posts so I just wanted to take a second before my Sat. afternoon snooze to share these feelings and give a little background on those 3 posts.

It's 10 degrees and snow is blowing across the frozen tundra that is Coldwater Lake. So It's time to heat a little chicken and rice, then snuggle in w/the kitty for a little napper. Happy Saturday to all....

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  1. I feel everything u just wrote. It is all so true. "Happy Thoughts"I tell my self on days korney I know but works for. Me most of time. Keep up your faith. Its a good thing.