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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Fool?

A novelty...a buffoon, a caricature of a normal guy, freak, head case, loser, loner...alone.

Yea, you guessed it, those thoughts have all run through my mind here lately. People will say: "just be yourself...woman like honest, open, sensitive guys". Really? I haven't seen much that in my experience. No they don't like 'em too honest, open and sensitive. I think it comes across as weird.

After letting those last 2 posts hit the site, live...I did shudder a tad and started thinking that I hanging my ass way out there in the openess department. I don't fear the information somehow being used against me, NO...I'm also not worried about being made fun of or mocked for my personality. I'm rather used to being considered a bit different and I'm emotionally and spiritually healthy enough to take it.

No, what I fear I suppose, is letting a whole bunch of people really get to know me that well. I do like keeping some things, well personal. Perhaps I'm foolish for even feeling a bit hesitant. I'm not out here to impress anyone or pretend that I'm anything but just plain old me. I blog ultimately because it helps me, in fact it helps me a lot.

And I already know that I am really reaping the benefits for taking this risk to share, to share myself, my story and I think most importantly: My HOPE. That's it...whether I want to or not, I HAVE to blog now. This isn't even a choice for me anymore because I feel compelled to share. And I only know one way to do that...Honestly!

So we might as well all sit back, it could be a rather interesting ride...


  1. Who Dat? Pooped down their legs. Don't sweat it brother. Just do you, let the chips fall where they may. Go to the supermarket, I heard that's a good place to meet women. Don't put added pressure on yourself, like Al Davis does on his head coaches.

  2. Hmm... had been thinking for some time of writing about guys being "honest, open and sensitive", but still thinking on it. Which means, I may never end up writing anything.

    As for sharing TOO much... sure maybe you have. Think of it as a filtering system. In real life, or in the blogworld, it takes out of the equation those people who do not like "who, how and why" you are, or what you write. You just have to be careful of the weird people that are leftover.

  3. Spockgirl: One must remember that this stuff comes straight out of my own experience and may not represent what even I think about it in the bigger picture. When I mentioned the part about woman not really trusting the honest, open and sensitive guys, I'm speaking of my own experience, here where I live and recently, as in the last few weeks. I live in a small town, guys don't really talk openly about stuff here. It's created some rather awkward situations for me...but it's an honest situation so it turned out well.

  4. I tend to look at things from many different angles, in addition to the big picture, which is amazing considering I hail from a small town. So I do understand where you are coming from.

    When I say one thing, there could be 5 other things I could add to it, but I don't, for brevity's sake, or my comment might end up being as long as your posts.

  5. I know, I wasn't trying to be critical and I think I'm starting to get a feel for where your coming from after exchanged quite a few comments now. I really welcome and enjoy your comments. They make me think and yes, I like to be challenged if that's what needs to happen. That is how growth happens...
    As far as the length of my posts, I'm not sure how to trim them down and not lose valuable, meaningful content. It is something I'm working on I assure you (and every other reader out there!)...