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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pond Hockey For 60K People

Pond Hockey played in a professional football stadium...personally I think this is the better New Years Day Tradition now that the TV Networks have screwed up the Bowl situation so badly. In all honesty, I felt more sorry then sad looking at the selection of bowl games televised today.

Perhaps I'm being an old fuddy duddy here but I really think the "Big $" Bowl games (Rose, Orange, Sugar and Fiesta) should all be played today along with the Cotton Bowl, Gator Bowl and the others typically played on NY's Day.

Friendly rivals

This used to be College Football's big day, no other day came close. Now the day has been depleted because they only play two big games today and even those were kind of sketchy, in my opinion.

TCU vs Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl...I don't know. Good for TCU, hey they earned their way into a BCS Bowl. But not the freaking Rose Bowl, Grand Daddy Of Them All. Let them play Connecticut for God's sake instead Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. I still don't understand why Stanford is in the Orange Bowl instead of the Rose. That is a dumb ass decision as far as I'm concerned.

So even though we had two of the "Big ones" today, the match ups were a joke and could/should have been changed.

The NHL Winter Classic on the other hand is just that, already a true Freaking Classic after just 3 short years. I think they (NHL Commissioner, TV Networks, The Owners, etc) are really on to something here. Even with the game temps in the low 50's and rain forcing them to move the game from early afternoon to an 8p start, the place was full. Tickets were scarce and hard to come by.

Bench warmers

Yet, even with the delay and lousy Hockey weather, Pittsburgh, PA was the hottest sports town in America on this New Years Day. Cool for the NHL,, no REALLY sad for Collage Football and the Bowl Games. You would think the people in charge of College Football would wise up, right?! It's not gonna happen! Sooner or later, we will have just 1 college Bowl Game being played each night of the New Year until the end of January or the Super Bowl is played.....

But on this night, as I shift through the channels in search of an interesting Bowl Game I Thank God for Hockey...even if it's the freaking Penguins and the Caps!!

Perhaps the NHL can improve the Winter Classic in the only way I know how: Schedule the Red Wings every year!!

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