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Monday, January 10, 2011

Ahh, Look at All the Lonely People...

Ah Good Morning Monday...
I have to sit here and laugh at myself a bit...why? Well first of all, there is often quite a bit to laugh at because I can be such a goofball sometimes. But I'm not going there this morning....nope,  I was just thinking about my efforts to try to lighten up some of the blog posts over the weekend and my stated desire to shorten the length of these posts.....

I mean I did that (lighten it up), to a certain extent, focusing on some of the music that inspires me...also I ranted some about sports. Yet I still kicked out a couple pretty darn heavy posts about loneliness and being a person in our society that is alone. And by that I mean "unattached" as in not in a relationship and how weird that can feel.

I think I'm going to have to throw in the towel on the effort to conscientiously lighten things up. This blog, in my opinion works best when I post and/or rant spontaneously. Same with keeping it short though I always am going to try and keep posts tight, if possibly. I realize I am wordy and can ramble on so I continue to work to tidy things up.

Basically the relationship topic, including loneliness and being alone feels quite unfinished to me. So I am going to re-visit the subject or just continue to post about this topic.

I do think that in our society today here in the States and possibly Canada,  as connected and "wired" as we are, that it's still quite easy to get lost in the shuffle as it were. So I welcome any thoughts or comments of this subject. They certainly don't need to be limited to just romantic relationships, no I just think the subject of how we relate to each other, how do we feel as a single person or even just as an individual, whether you are in a relationship or not.

So much for the light subject matter this week...


  1. Interesting; I will give this more thought and get back to you ... while I whine regularly about missing S, I think there is an important distinction between missing someone-lonliness and feeling alone-lonliness.
    I also think the ability to connect via technology is deifferent for some people, or some cultures, than others.
    Food for thought, my friend. Nice seed, well planted

  2. Congrats on the vid embed linky things in this and the previous post.

    I think the ranting and rambling posts are more fun to read, seriously. And... it is good to go with the flow. Don't worry so much about the length.

    As for the "aloneness" issue, it is something I have pondered and written about briefly, but haven't attempted an in depth essay. It is one of those things that have so many layers. I have also discussed in private the issue of "disconnectedness" in today's wireless and connected world, but again, have not yet written about it. Heck there's a lot of things I think about but don't write about.