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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dr. Freakin' Back-link

Ah yes, it's funny what even a tiny little bit of success will do for one's confidence, er ego. I still can't believe this has happened, it's way cool, man! I feel like Rocky on the steps of the Philly City Hall, music blasting arms...raised in a V...wait that sounds like a Pearl Jam lyric?! Jeremy spoke in class today...

Anyway I freaking did it, all by myself. Yep that's right folks Mr. "I Have No Clue" when it comes to computers actually executed a back-link, a real genuine f*#king back-link on his blog. Whoa, it's unreal eh?! I feel so special I don't know what to say:
I'd like to thank my Mum and Dad, my children,  sister....all my friends, the Academy..Oh shit, that's right,  I'm not getting an award. It just feels like it.

OK enough of the goofin' 'ya goofball...

Back to serious matters here. Did I mention that I completed a back-link on my Blog!!? HAHAHAHA!

Yep, pretty pleased with myself but I realize I have a ways to go. I did want to take a second here to thank some of you out there that have made some suggestions, given me some helpful little tidbits of info to help me. Folks out here in Blog-ville do seem to look out for each other...much appreciated!


  1. Not sure what the hell a back-link is but hell yeah!

    B10 got undressed in their bowl games. I tell you what though, Andrew Luck is for real. Watching him dismantle Va Tech was unreal.

    We're relaxing. If I hit Mega, I'm gonna lose it. Fat chance though. I'll portion a few mil to share with my brethren. I'm a decent guy, lol

  2. Honestly, I'm not really sure what it is either! Whatever you call the thing that links one of your blogs to another in the text. I never knew how that was done...until today of course (cue the Rocky Theme!!) Basinah called it a back-link and hey, it sounded really professional to me so naturally I stole it, then ran like hell with it...
    Andrew Luck is the real deal, I wish the Browns had a real crack at him but Colt McCoy may be the guy...but I think Luck's a sure bet and wasted in Carolina!