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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All REAL- All The Time

I'd like to spice this blog up with war stories about my drinking and drugging days. Talk about all the day to day cravings I still have, how I secretly wish I could still drink or drug.

Problem is I wouldn't be telling the truth. I really don't have any desire to drink and I haven't for ...YEARS. Not even a wee, little craving for a nip or two of beer...NOTHING.

I really believe that the compulsion, the desire to drink/drug has completely been removed from me. And that's really nice not to have that craving, nagging at me every waking minute like the first 9 months or so of my sobriety. Actually it was probably a whole year before I noticed that I wasn't jones-ing for a drink anymore. That I was actually...peaceful.

For 30 years that compulsion to drink and drugged ruled my life, every sliver of my being and was gone. There is no other way to explain it:Divine Intervention. The Creator, GOD took away the desire to drink...I know of no other explanation. It was a mystery to me, at the time and even now I don't question it.

Today my focus is on sharing my experience, strength and hope with others. In person: I meet alcoholics everyday at every possible stage in recovery. Brand new folks, still shaky, mistrustful, folks that have been sober almost as long as I've been alive 48 plus years.

This blog has truly been a gift and I owe a HUGE SSS SHOUT OUT to all who read this little ditty called Shell Shock Serenade. It has given me an excellent forum where I can share bits and pieces of my story and in turn I get wonderful comments and feedback that helps me in my recovery.

I had NO idea how this idea of mine would play out in reality. If there would even be a handful of readers who would even look in, not to mention come back to us on a regular basis...yet you have.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

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