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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I YAM What I Eat..

Pic: A Veggie Adventure

I received a lot of good information and support for a Veg diet and lifestyle. And I do find it appealing for several reasons, health being the biggest motivation and concern.

Folks, I did some serious damage to my body while drinking/drugging and though up to this point I don't have any serious Liver issues I am aware of, I do have a multitude of issues with my stomach, digestive tract as a whole, intestines specifically...the whole Shebang, as it were. It's all kind of unpleasant to even think about so I assure you it really sucks to deal with it physically every day!

I'm not going to list all that ails me here but I do need to get off my ass and find a physician down here in the Coldwater area to get a physical so I can start to put together a plan to get fully healthy. I've got a couple good leads from friends I just need to make the call and set it up...

Sunrise on a new, healthier lifestyle

I've focused a great deal on my alcoholism/addiction up until now and that's what I had to do, it was simply a matter of survival. Let's face it, with out sobriety...nothing related to health will matter anyway, will it? It's hard to get healthy on the Cocaine and Vodka plus Gin diet for breakfast,lunch and dinner....hey, I could stand to lose a few pounds but there's GOT to be a better way then that!

I would say over the last year or so, I have eaten less and less meat. I've really been avoiding beef and pork while eating mostly chicken and fish. Not so much for any reason other then I could stomach it without feeling sick. That is probably the biggest motivating factor right now...what I can eat with suffering debilitating nausea. I am currently being treated for a severe for acid reflux and other issues so these have been fairly regular symptoms the last couple of years.

I already have a wonderful morning routine of eating fresh fruit (apples and oranges) plus a bowl of Gluten Free cold or hot cereal. That seems to be easier on my system. It's maintaining a nice, steady eating flow the rest of the day that has bee the challenge but I have some ideas, so it will be fun to start trying them out today...

The one thing I truly miss is the health food store I frequented in Holland, MI Nature's Market. We do have some OK stores around here but I haven't found one that I like as much as NM, Holland. It is always one of my first stops in Holland when I visit the area and I'm not kidding, I love that store. I don't think my body would have recovered as well as it did w/out their good solid advice on vitamins and food choices. They are GOOD PEOPLE...(I don't think Hillary Clinton realized that It Takes A Village to Stay Sober too!)

I really enjoy raw veggies, don't care for them cooked so much but I wouldn't think that would be an issue, certainly from a health standpoint. Again, it's stopping during the day to take 10 minutes to cut up an assortment for the day. I think I'll do that each morning, say right after I finish w/this and before I ride the X. ( Oh brother, I just had a really freaky thought: I've been using the Slang "X" to refer to my exercise bike but I've also used it to refer to my Ex-Wife, that makes me shudder when I think of the last sentence I just used....)

I know, I'm a really SICK puppy 8^)....

But it has become quite clear to me that I have to put the same focus on a healthy eating routine that I do on my recovery. And if I really think about this, it IS part of my daily recovery from my addiction. Health and physical Wellness is just as important as the emotional, psychological and spiritual wellness I've been blogging about for the last week or so. Remember Balance and I'm a SQUARE:I'm SQUARE, Your SQUARE...?

So Thanks folks for the hints and recipes you sent yesterday! Feel free to send more but PLEASE no asparagus, my god I can't even stand the smell of the stuff! 

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