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Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's Rad, Bro..

I Got tired of seeing that damn picture of Bacon on the top of my blog so before I sit my fanny in front of the fireplace and TV (a very rare occurrence for me) I figured I'd post a pic of Shaun White snowboarding...My TV agenda is rather eclectic I'd say for sports, I'm going to watch Winter X IV from Aspen got it: Shaun White defending his Super Pipe Title tonight. I will also switch over to the NFL Pro bowl which is sorta boring but it's held in Honolulu, Hawaii so I can dream, right?!

So I got Hawaii and Colorado on at the same time, one is America's Favorite sport, the other is a fringe sport, growing in popularity that boasts one of America's favorite sports celebrities in White...pretty cool I think.

I had given some thought to heading into town and catch up with some of the guys but I need to learn to relax. So I'm staying home tonight...I got  a brisk walk in after dinner.

Fair Warning about my posts tomorrow. Once again the wonderful folks in charge of the National Weather Service are predicting a big time Winter EVENT!, OH MY!! If any one has read this blog frequently you will know that a pet peeve of mine ids The Weather Channel, CNN, Fox News and the like have this annoying habit of turning the weather into a big time "WEATHER EVENT" hyping it for days in advance, scaring the daylights out of everyone, causing a run on the local stores for supplies. The last time they predicted Winter doom for us here in the Coldwater area they canceled schools the night before, the following morning it was sunny and clear by 8am..we got about an inch of snow...

So, I'll believe it when I see it. Good night all...

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