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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brady Hoke? Not A Joke...

The Michigan Wolverines have just hired Brady Hoke as their new head coach. Once again they couldn't get their 1st choice, Jim Harbaugh...the former Stanford coach who just accepted the San Francisco 49ers job just a few days a go. ESPN announces Brady Hoke as the next coach at Michigan

Oh, that's right, they once again couldn't get their second choice, Les of the LSU Tigers, either! Yea, I can't understand why a guy wouldn't want to leave one of the best College Teams in the country year after year, playing in the best Football Conference in the Country. Jeez, Les... what the hecks wrong with you Man!?

So Brady Hoke Brady Hoke Bio on WIKI is now the coach of Michigan. I'll go out on a bit of a limb here: I think he's going to be a great coach for them. I've always likened him to Brian Kelly in the way he comes in and energizes a program. Kelly is doing that in a similar situation at Notre Dame and I think Hoke can and will do it in Ann Arbor as well...

He did it in both of his previous jobs as a head coach at Ball State and at San Diego State. I think he is just the type of coach that will bring Michigan Football back to respectability though i don't think they will ever recapture their glorious football past the way the U of M faithful pray he will...I don't think anybody, not even Dear Bo Schembechler can do that in this day and age of SEC Football dominance. I think the future of football dominance lies in warm weather Schools/Conferences. That topic alone is a future post all in itself...

Well it gives us something exciting to speculate about in what is becoming a rather boring Big Ten Conference, even with the addition of Nebraska and splitting into 2 Divisions next year.

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